Guide dog adventures.

Going from a cane to a furry companion.

An update from the great North.

Hello everyone,

It's been some time since I've written an update, so be prepared. It may be lengty.

I'll start with the beginning of the summer since I'm not sure when I wrote last. I started working as a summer student in June, which was another excellent experience for me. This summer job was ten weeks short. I can't believe I'm done as of Friday of this week. As I keep telling my supervisor, they can't get rid of me that easily though. LOL. I'm still going to volunteer there while doing my schooling. I thought last year worked out perfectly. i had just the right balance between school, volunteering and time for me.

As a summer student, I got to plan lots of events for the centre. I also got to co-facilitate two groups which will continue for a few weeks after I'm done my summer position. The groups are going well, and the events seem to be running as planned. I'm still doing the crisis work as well, which is always an adventure. Also as a summer student, I got to attend a four-day retreat in Elk Lake since I sat on the planning committee all year. That retreat was a blast.

After this busy summer, you'd think I'd want to take a break before starting my school work on September 7th. Not me. I'm still going to volunteer every day. I would normally go on a week's holidays to visit my other Grandparents, but this year, my Grandma is going in for a hip replacement.

Earlier this summer, my poor Newmar had a wart-like mass removed from his ear. Sorry if any of this is old news to you. LOL. He is doing a lot better now, but for about a week, he had to wear the dreaded cone so he wouldn't scratch it. The vet said that the mass wasn't cancerous. However, there were a few bad cells in it that, if it had been left too long, it may have spread.

Today has got to be one of the best days I have had all summer. I felt completely care-free; one with nature as I love to be. My Grandparents and I went blueberry picking this morning. We weren't sure if it was still going to happen because it was calling for rain. However, my mind must have known that we were still going because I drempt about it last night. LOL. I drempt that I was picking berries when all of a sudden, I felt this big, furry warm thing on my shoulder. Before I could turn my head to look, I heard this loud "Gurrrrrrrrrrruffffff" sound. I looked over, and a big black bear stared me in the face. Now, I must have reacted pretty violently in my sleep because I woke up on the floor. LOLLOLLOL.

When I woke up this morning, I saw the beautiful sunshine coming through the window. I was so glad to see that. We were all packed up and in the RAV4 by 9:30. We had to leave the dogs at home of course. I wouldn't want Newmar to crush all the blueberries before I could pick them. My Grandpa went his own way because he saw some really big berries. My Grandma put me in my own area where the berries were luscious and plentiful. She wasn't far away from me, so when I needed to find a new spot, she just kept talking so that I could follow her voice and find another spot near her. I couldn't believe how far in the bush I had gone. There was one point when the blueberries were so big that I could actually see them!!! I was like a kid in a candy store. So was my Grandma. Whenever she found a big cluster of berries, she would say, "Ooh look at these ones!!!" This may sound silly, but Grandma had a 3 litre basket, Grandpa had a 1 litre can, and I just used a large Tim Hortons cup. Since I had to pick them by feel, it took me a lot longer to fill it up than it took them. I didn't mind though. I was having fun. I didn't feel rushed either, which was nice. We left the first spot at around noon. My Grandpa took a scenic route and saw some even bigger berries. You should have heard Grandma in the vehicle, "Oh, Dennis, look at these ones. They're huge!!! Let's get out here and pick more!!!" She said that about five times before Grandpa finally stopped and let us get out and pick some more alongside the road. After we were all done, we went to Tim Hortons for another coffee before heading home. By that time, it was 2:30. We picked 5 and a half litres of blueberries, most of which are already in my freezer.

This summer, I have further discovered a passion of mine. I knew I enjoyed cooking and trying new dishes before, but I have really established that over the summer. Since I have been working, I bring a lunch to work most days. There was no way I was about to bring those frozen dinners. I did that last year and wasn't too fond of them. Every Saturday morning this summer, I would cook enough meals to last me for two weeks worth of Lunches. One time, I made mini pizzas, cwakamoli, vegetable curry, bean and rice casserole, etc. Part of the reason I just noticed the spark in my passion for cooking is because of the new epicure products I now have. Epicure is a company that makes all natural seasonings, dips, teas, etc. They are so easy to use. For example, I made a salad today with Epicure's Italian Dressing Mix. It calls for 1/3 cup white balsamic vinegar, 2/3 cu pvegetable oil and 1 to 2 tablespoons of the dressing mix. You shake it all up in a bottle that they give you and oh is it ever good. That's what I had for supper tonight.

Anyways, I've rambled on enough. For those who read this far, thanks. I hope you've enjoyed it.


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Okay ... I can breathe now ... For the last week, I've been so tied up with this damned research project. There for a while, I wanted to pull my hair out because of it. I did my introduction, which went well, as did the method's section. I got as far as the results. I'd be sitting in my introduction to Research class while my professor is explaining how to total up our data and how to analyze all of it. Well, by the time I got home, I was so lost and confused. Part of that is because it's so damned visual!! There were charts, graphs and all that stuff. Then I was confused how to apply that to my research. I have never seen me get so worked up over an assignment before. It's out of 80 marks!!! I can't believe it. I don't think I'm going to do well on it at all. Finally, on Monday night of last week, I e-mailed my professor and asked her some questions about how to do it and how the tables should be laid out in my situation. She was very patient with me. She could tell I was stressed. I was stressed because it was supposed to be due on Friday. There was absolutely no way I was getting it done by Friday. I went to school on Tuesday and waited for my professor to e-mail me back. She didn't ... By this point, I was so frustrated that I just threw everything to the side. I went out to dinner with my french class, which got my mind off things. This was so good. I was able to think much more clearly after that. I had Wednesday off, so I was able to work on the research. I had a few other things that had to be done in the morning, so I didn't get to start it right away. I got the e-mail from my professor on Wednesday afternoon. After reading it a few times, I understood what I had to do. I ended up creating about eight tables with information that I would use in my paper. Well, only two went in my results section, and the others went into the appendices. And now we're at Sunday, yes, I am past when it was originally due. However, my professor said that she would make an extension for the class since almost everyone was having trouble. Originally, at the beginning of the year, she put into place something called a do-over. This was where if you got a poor mark on an assignment, you could have an extra week to do it over and get a better mark. Or if you didn't use it, you would get three bonus marks. I was going to ask for my do-over on Thursday, but my professor said that it wouldn't work because the marks have to be in by next Thursday. She made a compromise that we could all take until Tuesday at Midnight to complete the assignment. Those of us who haven't used up our do-overs would still get our three bonus marks even if it took us until Tuesday at Midnight. So ... Alas, I am DONE my research paper, 26 pages later!!!

I wrote my last First Nations test on Friday. This went okay. There were a lot of distractions around though. Despite the sign on the door that said "Do not disturb," people kept knocking at the disability office door. I was sitting in the front part of the office, which is right by the door. However, I had huge earphones on, so the sound was filtered out for the most part. The person who was invigilating my test was getting very upset at people. LOL. The next time I have an exam, which will be Tuesday, I'll be doing it in the back where I won't be distracted. It's a good thing I have a very good attention span. The exam that I have on Tuesday is going to be a lot more intense. At least I have 4 and a half hours to write it. I'm sure I'll need that time.

This semester's basically done for me now except for that last exam. Wow!! I can't believe it. It feels like it was just yesterday when I went there for the first time for a tour. I wasn't sure how things would plan out there. When I first moved up north here to Kirkland Lake, I felt so isolated. For the first 7 months I was here, the only people who I saw other than my Grandparents were the workers who came in twice a week. Now, I actually have a social life, along with a happy balance of school work. I'm so going to feel lost over the holidays. I won't be stuck doing homework every night. LOL. In a way, I'm going to miss my routine of coming home from school at ... whatever time, depending on the day, sitting with my Grandparents for a while, maybe doing some homework before supper, having supper, and then back at the homework afterwards. Ah well, it's only three weeks. It's the summer that's going to be even worse!! Well, maybe not if I have a job. Plus I'll be going for nature rides in that terriget that Grandpa and I bought. That's going to be loads of fun. I'll have to wear my snowmobile helmet to protect my face from low branches. Okay, I think I'm going to go for now. I'm getting sick of sitting at the computer. I've been sitting here all weekend practically.

Bloodwork this morning.
Well, I found out what the bloodwork was that I was going to get done today. One of them was for the thyroid, which they already tested. This makes me wonder ... The other one was for my red and white blood cell count. They told me that they probably had to redo this because with the last one, they didn't get enough blood to complete the test, so they had to do something else to it to make it easier to test. I have to go back to see a doctor on the 12th of May. Gee, it's not going to be Dr. Gilfoil, the same doctor I saw in ... I forget if it was the beginning of this month, or the end of last month. I am not looking forward to it, that's for sure. I asked the lab tech if she needed to check my blood sugar levels and my cholesterol. She said she can't unless I have a requisition for that. She wouldn't give me any information about the bloodwork that I had done a couple of weeks ago. I really feel that I need to know what's going on.

Enough about me. My Grandpa had to get his glucose levels and his cholesterol checked today. However, it was a different test than last time. Yes, he had to fast for 12 hours, but he also had to drink some orange juice after they took some blood. He then had to wait 2 hours. Now, he's gone back to have the second thing of blood taken. I guess that's to see if his levels are okay even after having orange juice? I guess since his stroke, they're checking him for absolutely everything. I really hope it isn't what I think it is. If it's diabetes, I know he won't take care of himself as he should. He was supposed to go on a bit of a diet when they found out he had high cholesterol. Did he? Oh no. I mean ... Okay. We eat pretty healthily anyway. However, Grandma loads his plate with potatoes and gravy whenever we have something like roast beef. I eat rice instead because of my weight. The only time I have mashed potatoes is when we have our christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving dinners. Even then, it's just the tiniest of tastes.

Okay, I'll shut up now. LOL.

Going on Lots of Adventures.
Hi again, folks.

Well, it's been a week since I arrived. A week and 1 day to be exact. I've been so busy doing so much exploring, shopping, and visiting with family. I am loving every bit of it.

I'll start with last Wednesday. We went to a place called Larder lake. It's about 10 minutes out of Kirkland Lake. I couldn't see much because of the snow, but even going for the car ride was a thrill. I know, it's the little things in life that amuse me the most. LOL. My Grandparents and I went to Tim Hortons and bought some coffee to drink while we sat and watched the snowy lake. We stayed in the van of course.

On Thursday, we just went to one of the big grocery stores in town here. My Grandpa bought me some really interesting vegetarian food. He isn't veg, but he knows that I'm willing to try anything, and that I have tried Tofu before and really liked it. It has to be the firm or extra firm tofu though because the other stuff just doesn't sit in my mouth texturally. I'm very textural when it comes to food. For example, I won't eat mashed bananas because of their texture. Anyways, we bought some cagian chicken bologna, which is made of tofu I guess. We also bought some veggie cheese and a block of Tofu. On Thursday night, I made a killer stir-fry with a package of mixed vegetables, tofu, montreal steak spice and soya sauce. The vegetables that were in it were tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, coliflower, and a bunch of other stuff. It was absolutely amazing. Even my Grandpa liked it. My Grandma didn't like the tofu, so she just put it on my plate.

On Friday, I spent most of the day indoors, wrapping gifts for my Grandparents, Newmar, and my aunt, her boyfriend and my cousins. That's always fun. I love wrapping presents.

Saturday was a very busy day because this was when my company came. They arrived around 2:30, so my Grandma spent the morning cooking cabbage rolls for dinner. She also made roast beef for dinner last night. We had our Christmas dinner today because they couldn't stay until Tomorrow. I really wanted them to stay longer. I was actually having fun with them here. I guess it's because they're more mature now.

Yesterday, Dave, my aunt's boyfriend, my aunt, and Grandpa and I went on quite an adventure. I went to Quebec! We're only 45 kilometres away from the Quebec border. My Aunt wanted to see a mountain type thing. It isn't a real mountain, but a really high rock with some hiking trails on it. I am determined to climb this rock during the summer. I told Grandpa that I'll do it even if it kills me. Hey, if Terry Fox can do a marathon across Canada, I can climb a stupid rock. They kept telling me, "No you can't." Ha, I'll prove them wrong. This rock is so neat looking especially with snow on it. Grandpa said it looks like a large boob. LOL.

Well, I think that's all for now. I'll probably have more to write about after tomorrow.

Merry Christmas, everyone, or whatever festival you celebrate.

Jessica and Newmar.

The beginning of a northern adventure.
Well folks, I made it!!!

I arrived at my Grandparents' place on Sunday night. This journal entry is going to be long, so if you don't want to read it all, that's okay too. I just have a lot to write about.

First of all, the train ride. I woke up early Sunday morning. Since I had to be at the train station for 8:00 A.M, I had to wake up at 6:00. I was going to take a streetcar, but then I realized that the curbs would be too full of snow, and it would be way too difficult to maneuver through it all. I then decided to take a cab there. Lucky I did because we got hit with a massive snowstorm. People were telling me not to go because they were all afraid I would get strandid at the station or something. I thought I'd chance it. I really wanted to get home. I didn't want to spend another night in res.

arrived at the station around 7:15 because I judged the timing wrong. The cab was very quick at getting to the station. So I had to sit there for about an hour and 15 minutes before boarding the train. The people at the station were very helpful. I loved it. The man at the Northland Rail desk remembered me from when I went to purchase my ticket a few weeks back. Once seated on the train, Newmar just settled right down. He got up a few times along the way, but when he did this, I gave him some kibbles to calm him down. I didn't feed him at the res before we left because he would have had to go to the bathroom on the train, which wouldn't have been good.

I had lunch on the train. I had a Tuna sandwich, which wasn't all that great, but hey, it was food. I was hungry because I hadn't eaten breakfast. Then, I listened to my MP3 player, slept, and looked out the window for the rest of the way. It was a very long ride because we stopped in a few towns along the way. When we got to North Bay, we ran into some mechanical problems with the washrooms, so it took about an hour and a half for them to fix it. Nonetheless, I didn't make it home until 8:30 or so. When I got home, Grandma and Grandpa showed me the house, which is absolutely beautiful. I know I am going to love it here. I have my own apartment for when I want my own space. This house is just the right size too.

The weather is so different up here. I was expecting it to be a lot colder. In Toronto, it's like a bighting cold. Here, it's like a dry cold, which doesn't feel all that cold. I took Newmar out yesterday morning, and I asked Grandpa what the temp was outside, and he said -16. I told him that it doesn't feel like that.

Yesterday, we just sort of hung low because I was still tired from the long train ride. We drove around town so that they could show me a little bit of what Kirkland Lake looked like. It's a really nice town. It's a lot bigger than Harriston was.

Today, I went shoping at this store called Hearts. I got three new outfits. I also finished my Christmas shopping. My Grandma let me open one of my Christmas gifts yesterday. It is a pair of cleets for my boots so I don't slip on ice or snow. They work wonders. The only thing is that when I go into the school, I have to take my boots off and put a pair of runners on so I don't fall on the flooring.

Well, I'll try to keep you updated as to what else happens here. All I know is that I don't ever want this holiday to come to an end. I wish I could just stayhere.

Jessica and Newmar.

Winter's here!!!
Well, I have more eventful news for you all today. This week has only gotten better since I last wrote to you on Tuesday. Other than having to write that exam this morning, which I probably flunked.

I'll start at the beginning of today. I woke up to this very strange sound at my window. It didn't sound like rain the way it had done yesterday morning. It had more of a solid sound to it ... Could it be dirt flying out from a passing vehicle? No, I didn't hear any vehicles going past. also, my room is too far back from the road. Well, I finally decided to go look out the living room window. Sure enough, what did I see? A blanket of white, cold, unwelcoming stuff on the ground, and ice crystals on the window. It was freezing rain or ice pellots. Ugh!!! I didn't want to go out in that, but I knew that Newmar's needs had to be met. We weren't outside any longer than five minutes before Newmar's business was finished. I went to put his harness back on, only to find his back full of ice pellots. Poor dog. He must have been so cold. Even with that extra fur, I still think they can feel the cold, especially when he rushes to the door. I somehow have to teach him to be careful though because I don't do well on ice.

I had to go to the SSD office to write my Interpersonal Skills exam which just about killed me. I hated that exam for all it's worth. I have a bad feeling about it. I went in there at 8:30, but the person in charge of the tests wasn't there until 9 because of the ice and snow on the roads. I didn't finish the test until 10:20. that's how much I struggled with it. Oh well, as long as I pass the course, I don't care. I'm kind of glad that particular one's over. I found it hard.

After my exam, I found out that my laptop had arrived!!! I couldn't bring it up to my room myself, so I had to ask the assistive technition to help. She said that she would after my afternoon class which was ending at 3:30. So, as promised, we loaded the boxes of stuff onto a cart and went upstairs to unload them. She would cut the boxes open, and take out the stuff for me to look at. Oh man I can't wait to set everything up. I'll be playing with the laptop all weekend most likely. Debi, the assistive technition said that she'll help me learn how to use the scanner and printer next week sometime.

Other than those things, today was just an average day of class in the afternoon other than me getting an 84 on a brochure assignment I did a few weeks ago. I'm pretty impressed about that. However, I have my good friend Vicki to thank for helping me with the graphics and stuff. Well, take care everyone, and happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the states.

Jessica and Newmar.

A very good day.
Hmmm ... Sometimes you have to wonder why life gets so good at times, and other times, it can be so bad. I am on cloud nine right now for many reasons. I'll tell you why:

First of all, it is only a few weeks until I go up to Kirkland Lake to see my Grandparents. This is also going to be exciting because I'm going to take the train for the first time all by myself. Well, not totally. I'll have my ever-faithful Newmar by my side of course. speaking of the train ride, I went to the station yesterday to find out some information. I wanted to know about the schedule as well as learn how to get to where the trains leave. It was very informative. I learned that it leaves at 8:40 in the morning, and arrives at my destination at 5:45. It makes for a long day, but I can at least sit and look out the window at the beautiful scenery. I also learned that the Northland rail doesn't run on Saturdays. This means that I'll have to go home on the Sunday, December 16 as I have an MRI on the 15.

The second exciting thing that happened today was that I found out about my placement. As you may or may not be aware, I have been having difficulty with getting a placement secured for January. My field placement coordinator said that my choices were unsafe. She also said that one of them wouldn't be good because she thought the kids would be constantly petting Newmar. I told her that Kids can learn if I teach them. About the placements that were deamed unsafe, well ... Then they'd be unsafe for anyone according to her answer. Grrrrr. It just made me very frustrated. So, now that I've waited this long, I have a placement. It's at Richview Residence, which is an independent living area for Seniors. This will be good because I've never worked with seniors in this capacity before. I've worked with them in a day program, and a nursing home where they were mainly either bed-ridden or unable to care for themselves. In this case, I'm not exactly sure what kinds of things I'll be doing. The field placement coordinator said that I'll be going over there with the intern student to see what it's like. I can't wait for that.

The third good thing is that my laptop will hopefully be in either tomorrow or Thursday. I e-mailed the computer store to ask if it's been shipped, and he said it has, so ... I don't know. I really want it to be here soon so that I can get it set up for work in January in case I need it. Everything is just falling into place. I love it. It's really taking my mind off the whole residence thing. Plus, I get to go out on Friday with some friends!!! That will get my weekend off to a great start.

Well folks, enough rambling on for tonight. I should get off my behind and get some stuff done around here.

Take care.

Jessica and the snoring Newmar.

An update about my neurologist appointment.
Well, I went to the doctor's today. It was very interesting. There were two doctors who were helping me. There is Dr. Del Campo and Dr. Chan. I like Dr. Chan much better. LOL. I think Dr. del Campo was very confrontational and doubtful of what I was saying. First what happened was, I sat down and told Dr. chan what was going on. Then, he went to discuss it with Dr. Del Campo. Dr. Del Campo came and asked me the same questions! I don't know. There's just something about him that I don't like.

They suggested that I have an MRI and an EEG done so that they have somewhere to start. Dr. Chan went down to the clinic where they do EEGs to see if they could fit me in today. Sure enough, they had a spot for me at 1:30. Unfortunately, that meant waiting around for 2 hours. Luckily though, they have a Tim Hortons in the lobby, so I was able to grab some lunch. since I didn't get breakfast this morning, I was starving.

They called my name to go into the room for the EEG around 12:45, which was nice since I was starting to fall asleep in my chair. LOL. Newmar had to stay a bit away from the bed because the lady who was putting those electrode things on my head had to get around that side of the bed. Newmar didn't like this one bit especially when I almost had a seizure during the test. They had flashing lights, luckily only for a short period of time though. Newmar tried to put his head through the bars on the bed to get to me. Poor guy. I got him to lie back down so that the technician could continue.

Oh man, I felt so dirty after that. I just wanted to go home and wash. My hair felt so grimy and so did my face because some of the electrodes had to go on my forehead and around my face. LOL. It was strange. So the whole way home, on both subways, the streetcar and the bus, I sat there with a grimmace on my face. LOL. People probably thought "Oh what a bitch." LOL. It felt so good just to hop in that shower when I arrived back at res. I stayed in there for an extra twenty minutes to let it all get out of my skin. LOL.

My next appointment is on December 12, so ... I hope to have some answers by then. They said my MRI should be before then too.

Well, that's it for now, folks. Take care, and I'll write soon.

Jessica and Newmar who hopes he doesn't have to see another hospital for a very long time.

Newmar is truely amazing.
Okay, this is going to be a total Newmar brag. I can't brag on him enough for the wonderful work he does for me. He is a gift from God. I'm so proud of my boy.

I guess you all want to know why I'm so proud of him. LOL. We had an O and M lesson this afternoon. Lately, I have been learning the route to the hospital so that I know how to get there for my neurologist appointment on Wednesday. Newmar had not been there other than today because I thought it would be better to do the street car thing and everything without him, and just use my cane the first two times. Today, I decided to bring him so that he at least knew the route a little when we went on Wednesday.

He knows St. George station, which is the subway station where we transfer onto another subway to go to places like the eaton's centre, and if we wanted to go there, the Union Station. However, today, we were going somewhere he had never been before, St. Patrick station. He knew exactly where to go to get us to the top floor and outside where we needed to catch the streetcar!!! This blew both Anita, my instructor and I away. She said, "Wait a minute, How did he know you wanted to turn left without you even saying or doing anything? He hasn't been here before." I guess he is becoming really in tune with what I need, but still!!! Does he have the ability to read minds? LOL. Just kidding. Hmmm ... That is so strange. This dog never fails to amaze me though, even after five months of being with him.

Well, that's all the exciting news for now. I'll update all of you on how Wednesday goes.

Jessica and the amazing Newmar.

A very busy day.
Well, now that I have time to write, which I am mostly doing to keep myself awake, I'll tell you about yesterday's events.

It was Halloween, so since I am on the residence committee, I had to decorate the six lounges for a murder mystery event. Tuesday night, a few of us got together to start preparing some of the decorations, like the red cross that was going in the nurse's office. However, there was a lot of miscommunication yesterday. First, they told me to decorate all afternoon since I finished class at 1:30. However, I could not do this because I didn't know where any of the supplies were. Second of all, I don't know what goes where, what rooms were going to be for which people. so I ended up helping make the cupcakes on the first floor. That was fun because I really felt accepted by the people who were doing it. They were talking up a storm with me. I loved it.

I went back to my room for a while before I had to feed the Noomster. I fed him, then went to where I thought we were going to meet to start decorating. We were supposed to meet on the fifth floor, but when I got there, no one was there. Eventually, after waiting for about ten minutes or so, I saw the residence life coordinator, and she said that there were a few people on the third floor lounge decorating it. I went down there to see what I could do. It was so stressful because there were only three of us decorating, and we had six lounges to do.

Around 6:40, we decided that since only three lounges had been decorated, we would double the characters up because the event started at 7. I was not happy about all of this. when we have a committee meeting, I am definitely going to bring this up to them.

The event itself was great. We had a costume contest. there were six contestants. Another person and I tied!!! I dressed up as a guide dog trainer in training. LOL. I had a blindfold because I know that apprentices have to go through a ten-day period where they wear a blindfold and use a guide dog with the rest of the class. Oh that was fun. Then we had the murder mystery. My team won that too. I guess I was just having good luck last night. I laughed throughout the whole thing because the characters did a great job with the acting, and they were pretty funny.

I was glad to get to bed last night because I knew that I had an 8:05 class this morning. Little did I know, we were going to have a fire incident at 4:20 this morning. Grrrrrr. I was not a happy camper. I woke up all disoriented and stuff. There were flashing lights everywhere I went. All I wanted to do was get Newmar and go. I even forgot my room key. LOL. Luckily they didn't penalize us for that this time. We had to wait outside for about 20 minutes, in our pyjamas, in the freezing cold. I put on my slippers because I know how sensitive my feet are. I kept saying, "If I find out who pulled that fire extinguisher, I'm going to have their head on my wall!!" My RA liked that attitude. LOL. He said, "I'll help you with that one, Jessica." finally, we got let back in after the fire trucks had left. I had to wait in line to get a one time only card for my room. The man at the front desk was really nice about it too.

When we got back to our room, I set my alarm for 7:30 instead of 7 so that I could at least have an extra half hour. I knew Newmar wouldn't have to go that badly. He was even reluctant to wake up at 7:30 when I got his breakfast ready. LOL. Poor guy.

Something really neat happened today. Since I couldn't eat breakfast this morning, I went to William's pub to get a cappuccino and a bagel. Now, the trick was to get everything: Newmar, the cappuccino and the bagel back to the class without any spillage. This is my biggest fear of carrying hot liquids. Newmar did amazingly well. Mind you, I had the gentle leader on him so that he wouldn't pull at all. The biggest challenge was getting up the stairs at the C building. Once I was up, we were doing great. I am so proud of my boy.

Well, that's all for now, folks.

Take care.

Jessica and Newmar.


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